Beyerdynamic TG I50d Dynamic Microphone

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The "Beyer" Sound in a Versatile Instrument Mic

Need a killer instrument mic? Sweetwater recommends the Beyerdynamic TG I50d. This cardioid dynamic microphone is ideal for guitar cabinets, snare drums, brass — and just about any other instrument you aim it at. Built tour-tough, the TG I50d is as useful on the loudest stages as it is in the studio. The TG I50d is engineered to deliver the powerful, upfront sound we associate with Beyerdynamic microphones. Designed to capture the full sonic impact of the source, the TG I50d delivers absolute impulse fidelity and high gain before feedback. Thanks to its versatility (and affordability), the Beyerdynamic TG I50d is a solid choice for fleshing out your mic locker.

Beyerdynamic TG I50d Features:

  • Pressure gradient dynamic instrument microphone
  • Great on guitar cabs, snare drums, and brass
  • Frequency-independent cardioid polar pattern
  • Ideal for both live and studio deployment
  • Absolute impulse fidelity and high gain before feedback