OKAYO C7182C • 60W Portable PA System 520-544MHz Wireless Mic Receiver

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Offering up to 80W Max (60W RMS.) output power this Okayo portable PA solution is an excellent choice for addressing large crowds up to 200 people. It is ideal for marriage celebrants, schools, sports clubs, places of worship, shopping centre presentations & spruiking.

This portable PA model offers superb performance for speech applications as well as music reproduction. Making it the perfect all-rounder PA unit for most needs. It is equipped with a combination balanced/unbalanced 6.35mm/XLR jack socket, RCA line input and output - all with individual volume controls (plus bass and treble adjustment). Plus pre-fitted is a dual channel 520-544MHz wireless microphone receiver which can be paired with either handheld or beltpack wireless transmitters.

All Okayo portable PA's are moulded from industrial grade ABS plastic, ensuring long life and the ability to absorb day-to-day wear and tear. This PA unit weighs only 11kg for easy manouverability - especially around school campuses, allowing easy set up for both students and staff.

If Bluetooth streaming is required the C 7188 Bluetooth module may be fitted to the portable PA system. Once installed it is simply a matter of switching the bluetooth module on, pairing your device and playing content directly from your phone, whether it be music or pre-recorded introductions or promotional content.

The large capacity in-built battery and high efficiency PA amplifier design provides ?4 hours of use away from 240V mains power (actual operation time varies depending on level of usage). Charging the battery is simply a matter of plugging the unit in for 4-6 hours. This makes the Okayo portable PA system a flexible all-rounder.

Mounting is simply a matter of sitting the PA on an elevated surface, such as a stage or desk. If necessary it can also be used with a standard speaker stand, with a 35mm recess provided in the base.

Weighing only 11kgs the Okayo PA is truly portable allowing a wide range of use in schools, places of worship, clubs, auctions etc. It sets up in seconds and can be easily operated by anyone - even school students find the Okayo PA easy to use.

Dimensions: 230D x 300W x 470Hmm.

Upgraded Dual Channel UHF Receivers
This model is fitted with one dual channel UHF receiver allowing up to 2 transmitters to be used simultaneously. For additional transmitters the C 7187C module may be fitted to allow for up to 4 wireless microphones to be used with the one system.

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  • Compact design sets up in seconds
  • Rugged lightweight cabinet
  • Inbuilt carry handle
  • Truly portable design
  • High performance 80W Max amplifier
  • Built in backup battery
  • Suitable for desk or speaker stand mounting
  • Optional second dual channel wireless receiver (C 7187C)
  • Optional bluetooth audio receiver (C 7188)
  • Optional CD/DVD music player (C 7191)
  • Optional wireless link for cable free transmission to additional systems (C 7189C)
  • RCA line input/output
  • 6.35mm / XLR combination wired mic input.
  • 240V AC mains or battery operation

Compatible UHF Transmitters:
C 7195C Wireless Beltpack 96 Channel 520-544MHz
C 7192C Wireless Handheld Microphone 96 Channel 520-544MHz
C 7193C Wireless Handheld Condenser Microphone 96 Channel 520-544MHz