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Electro-Voice R300 L-C

The Electro-Voice R300 L-C is a robust lavalier / lapel UHF wireless system operating on ‘C’ Band and designed to give you a great sound for your presentations, and public addresses. The system features a robust bodypack transmitter with directional lavalier microphone (ULM18). A high quality directional (cardioid) condenser lavalier microphone suitable for sound reinforcement or recording of voice, and allows users the convenience of a hands-free presentation or performance experience. Also included is a robust receiver with dual antenna diversity to help avoid signal dropouts, and its durable metal frame and chassis can either be used on a tabletop, or rack-mounted with optional rack mounting. Further more, the on-board ‘ClearScan’ technology that allows you to search and find the best channel to operate on. Making this a great all-rounder microphone and ideal for almost any application.

  • Designed for Presentations, Corporate Environments, Performance & Sports Venues, and more
  • ClearScan finds the clearest channel available with the touch of one button
  • EZsync infrared channel transfer from the receiver to the transmitter for easy and error-free setup
  • UL18 directional lavalier microphone provide clear and crisp sound
  • 14 hour battery life from two AA alkaline batteries
  • Rugged metal transmitter with backlit LCD display and battery gauge
  • 32 preset channels, with compatible groups of 8 channels for simultanious use
  • Detachable half-wave receiver TNC antennas allow for use with the APD4+ antenna distribution system
  • Metal receiver chassis with optional rack mount ears and front mount antenna cables