Gator G Broadcaster Lightweight Broadcast Series Field Recorder Utility Bag

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The G-Broadcaster from Gator Cases is designed specifically for event field production pros on the go. This Nylon bag features 4 cavities designed to hold your entire audio recording setup. One cavity holds larger format field recorders while another holds smaller hand-held recorders.

  • Rugged Nylon utility bag for Carrying most field recorders, two microphones, headphones and accessories
  • One cavity for larger format field recorders
  • Viewable window on top of bag provides view of field recorder control panel while in the bag
  • Thick Polyurethane foam padded protection
  • One cavity for smaller handheld micro recorders
  • Two padded microphone cavities
  • Side access pockets for external cable entry allowing the recorder to be utilized while in the bag
  • Adjustable, removable shoulder strap included