Grandview GRPL1600L 1600mm Drop Projector Lift

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Perfect Recessed & Easy Operation

Aesthetically designed and engineered, the GRPL Recessed-Ceiling Motorised Projector Lift can integrate into any interior design perfectly.

• Projector Lift, 1600mm drop, standard lift carriage• 15KG capacity• Dual Positioning System

Dual Positioning System provides safety and convenience to users. The motor’s safety positioning is factory-set, and the height of operation can be adjusted automatically by electric positioning.

• Automatic Balancing Mechanism

Automatic Balancing Mechanism ensures the dragline and suspending cage remain vertical when extending or retracting, avoiding any digression or noise caused by the slant of the dragline.

• Brake Mechanism

The Brake Mechanism ensures that if the dragline is broken, the motor brake is out of control or the steel cable disconcerts accidentally, the safety device will operate automatically, preventing the case falling and improving the security in high-ceiling conditions.

• High-Strength Aluminium Linkage

High-Strength Aluminium Linkage is die-cast, has excellent texture, is high-strength and rustproof. It is very light, thereby reducing the lift-weight and maintaining balance.

• Complete Protection

Complete Protection prevents the projection equipment against the impact of the external environment.

• Hatch Baffle

Hatch Baffle matches perfectly with different types of ceiling. When extending the case, it may completely cover the hatch that results.

• Cable Management

Cable Management, which is allocated for the users to put Power cord, VGA, RGB or HDMI cables inside, easily bends and stretches. Customised sizes are available.

• Multi-Control Systems

Multiple control options are available: RF Remote control, Contact closer, Wall-switch, RS232/485 and control cable pass through for projector