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Thinking about celebrating Birthday, Marriage party, social event, get together or a function? IPod Platinum Pack is the best option with fog effect. IPod Platinum Pack contains powerful and reliable 1000W audio system for best sound output and your choice of any 2 lights. You choose what effect you want for your party – more than 4 options available. And of course a Fog Machine!!!

IPod Platinum Audio includes:

– 2 X Powered Speaker Titan12D (suitable for 80 people)
– 2 X Speaker Stand 
– 1 X Mixer
– 1 X Wired Microphone
– All associated cables

IPod Platinum Lighting includes:

– 1 X Fog Machine OR  Bubble Machine 
– 1 x Gig Bar or OctopusTri / DerbyLed / LED Parcan / LEDWater

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– Lighting stand and all associated cables included

When you hire from us you can select to use our Setup Service and have us set up the equipment for you. The equipment will be set up in the most efficient manner to suit the event. Total Setup service time cannot exceed half an hour, this is ample time for our trained technician to set up the equipment in a suitable manner for the event. For customised set ups an additional charge of $49 per 30 minutes will apply. Customised set up usually applies to situations were cable runs are long and require extensive labour to conceal and "make safe". If you require a band set up, you will need to book an operator as this type of set up requires higher qualified technician.Note that Sunday labour incurs an additional charge, please contact us to obtain a quote on Sunday labour.