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Large Plasma Ball 20cm(8in) Electronic Light Display

Large Plasma Ball 20cm(8in) Electronic Light Display

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Product Description

Plasma balls are a great mix of science in action, and mesmerising lighting. This plasma ball has a diameter of 20cm (8in) and has 2 settings – on and audio. It has an in-built microphone, so when you select audio mode, it will turn on and off to any loud noises near by or flash in time with music. Touch it and watch lightning follow your finger as you move it around.

This retro lamp was originally invented in 1894 by Nikola Tesla, but the bulb we recognise today was created by James Falk in the 1970’s and has been a popular home decor item ever since! Perfect gift for a teenager, adult, or even as a night light for a pre-teen.

There are lots of demonstrations and experiments using a plasma ball on YouTube for anyone who is learning about physics or electricity conduction,.

How do they work?

Plasma balls are clear glass ball filled with inert gases. with a high-voltage electrode at its centre. Plasma filaments extend from the electrode to the glass when the lamp is turned on, creating fascinating moving beams of light. When you touch it the filaments are drawn to you, it’s like being able to make your own lightning bolts!

Please note that the glass has been hand-blown so there may slight imperfections in the glass. This is normal with any glass dome of this size.

Can cause mild static electric shocks, but no greater than any static on a door handle.

Powered by a 12V adaptor.

Recommended for ages eight and over. Not suitable for children under three years of age.

Plasma Ball size: 285 × 200 × 200 mm (including base)

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