LD Systems ICOA SUB 15 A Powered 15 Inch Bass Reflex PA Subwoofer

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LD Systems ICOA SUB 15 A

The LD Systems ICOA SUB 15 A gives you as much bass as you want! Ensuring the party stays rocking and guests are drawn to the dance floor. It can even give your presentations that special oomph they need to really reach the audience.

These ICOA SUB 15’s pump out so much bass while giving you massive headroom and a clearer sound. That’s because the subwoofer relieves the main speaker, meaning the woofers are now less burdened by high-energy bass impules. So you get even less intermodulation distortion. Even at the highest volumes, the sound on the ICOA SUB 15 doesn’t get muffled, and voices & instruments remain crystal clear.

Additionally, the ICOA SUB 15 A’s Class D amplifier with 400-watt RMS or 1600-watt output means you have serious power at your command. The presets of the integrated DynX DSP offers crossover frequencies of 80, 100, and 120Hz. So you’re able to finely balance your ICOA SUB with your system. Signal polarity can also be reversed and the SUB offers a delay line-preset for distances up to 10 meters.

Then, when you’re ready to expand your setup, the ICOA setup grows along with you. Add more subs and operate them in parallel to give you even more power. You can also take advantage of the cardioid-preset to get a quieter and more controlled low-end.

Housed in a rugged 18mm laminated wood housing, the ICOA SUB 15 can easily be stacked. While the M20 thread allows you to mount the main speakers using a distance pole.

Above all, whether you’re a DJ, singer, rock or party band; the ICOA SUB 15 produces the perfect bass to compliment your music!