Light Emotion DERBY4 4-In-1 Lighting Effect: Gobo Derby, UV, Strobe And RG Mini Laser. Infra Red Control.

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Light Emotion DERBY4 4-in-1 Lighting Effect
Light Emotion DERBY4 4-in-1 Lighting Effect: Gobo Derby, UV, Strobe and RG mini laser. Infra red control.
The DERBY4 is FOUR lights in one. Not two, not three, but FOUR!! Unlike every other Derby based effect, this one stands out from the rest by having gobos within the moving Derby beams. Gobos will project on any wall or floor and are very effective without atmospheric enhancements like fog or haze.

On top of the Gobo Derby, the light includes UV LEDs and strobing white LEDs as well as a red and green moving pattern mini-laser.

All features can be controlled separately, individually or together using the included infra red remote, via sound activation, DMX, or under master/slave control. Loads of built in programs and macros are easy to call upon.

This one light truly is a light show in one box - you can literally place it or hang it, set and forget and it will provide multiple entertaining effects all night long.
4-in-1 Lighting effect
- Infra red remote included
- Gobo Derby: 8 x 3w RGBY LED
- UV LED: 8 x 3W UV LED, 400nm
- White LED: 2 x 3W Cool white LED
- Laser: Green 80mW/650nm, Red 30mW/532nm
- Control by Sound, DMX, Auto, Master/Slave, IR Remote
- 2 or 10 DMX channels.
- Dimensions 240x220x250mm
- Weight 4kg

Shipping Volume: .013cbm
Shipping Weight: 4kg

Warranty: 2 Years