Light Emotion DMX192 Controller

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Light Emotion DMX192 Controller
192 Channel DMX Controller
Light Emotion's DMX192 unit is an ideal controller for small mobile or installation lighting and effects rigs suitable fro DMX control. It’s an affordable solution for your lighting control, priced well less than many comparable control units.

The DMX 192 has 240 scenes and 6 chases already built in, and can handle recording of another 6 chases of your design. The handy, rack-mountable DMX192 can handle up to up to 12 intelligent lights, or - as the name suggests - 192 DMX channels. A MIDI input adds versatility.


* Power: 9v DC
* Power Consumption: 3w
* Current: 300mA
* Sound activated: built in mic
* Speed: Adjustable 100ms - 10min
* Fade: Adjustable 100ms - 10s
* Scenes: programmable up to 240
* Chase : programmable up to 6
* Effects/Control: Polarity switch, 12 Scanners, 8 Channel Faders, Blackout
* 192 Channels - control for up to 12 different fixtures
* Output connection: 3 pin female XLR
* Rack mountable: 3 RU
* Dimensions / Weight: 482x132x73mm / 2.5Kg
* Weight: 2.5Kg
* Construction: Steel

Shipping Volume: .005cbm
Shipping Weight: 2.9kg