Light Emotion VIVID0312 Compact LED Par Can 12 X 3W RGB 3-In-1 LED, DMX.

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Light Emotion Compact LED Wash Light
Light Emotion VIVID0312 Compact LED Par can 12 x 3W RGB 3-in-1 LED, DMX.
The VIVID0312 is a very compact remote controlled LED wash light with the output of larger professional products. Using 12 3w RGB (red, green and blue) TRI LEDs, this light produces vivid colours that will instantly fill any room or space. The user can chose their colours using the four digit digital LED display which also gives easy access to programs otherwise. DMX control is there for those who want total control over the effect while built in sound activation means it will change colour to the music.

At the size of a rockmelon, this compact fixture looks great in multiples and is incredibly easy to use. Simply plug in and off you go - instant light show. Looks even better in fog!