PARBAR Light Emotion LED RGB par bar

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Light Emotion Par Bar LED
LED RGB par bar

The PARBAR RGB set is an ultra-convenient package offering real portability for performers on the move. Consisting of 4xLED RGB heads mounted on a T-Bar,with sturdy lighting stand,foot controller and compact carry case all included. It’s a complete out-of-the-bag system that can be set up within minutes,then packed away to an easy-to-transport package,about the size of a soft guitar case.

There’s full DMX control and sound active microphone built into the actual T-Bar unit. The included 4 position foot pedal lets performers change the light output,even while they are performing. There are internal chase programs and further units can be connected master/slave. This is a handy for performers who are short on time and space but still want the effect of a full-blown light show.

Key Features:-
• Complete package
• RGB colour mixing
• Included stand + carry case
• Individual spot control
• 4 pedal foot switch

Warranty: 12 Months