Pioneer DDJ-SP1 Serato Add On DJ Controller

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The DDJ-SP1 is made for Serato software users who really want to add effects when using a professional DJ setup of two players and a mixer such as the DJM-900SRT. With the sub-controller, DJs can enhance their performances with multiple effects, similar to what’s being done with our extremely popular DDJ-SX controller for Serato DJ.

The DDJ-SP1's built-in pads, faders, knobs and buttons closely mimic the control layout of Pioneer's well-received DDJ-SX controller.

Pioneer added 16 “performance pads” on the sub-controller for seven different functionalities: hot loop, auto loop, manual loop, hot cue, roll, slicer and sampler. It also includes a “Velocity Mode” function that determines the output volume of the sample based on how hard the pads are struck. Each pad can be assigned as a hot cue point, and its blue illumination will signify its state of play for instant graphic feedback.

In between the performance pads is a volume slider to control output of the trigger pads. The convenient location of the slider enables quick volume adjustment during finger drum performances. Pioneer included a Slip Mode function that enables continuous music playback in the background even when loops and hot cues are being performed. The functionality can also be used with players and controllers that support Serato DJ but not Slip Mode. The integrated knobs and buttons are arranged for Serato DJ software for operation of iZotope® effects.

Want to use the SP1 with Traktor Pro instead of Serato?


  • Performance Pads
  • Sampler Volume Fader
  • Slip Mode
  • FX Knobs/Buttons
  • Pre-mapped buttons, dials, pads, and fader for dynamic performance with Serato DJ
  • Professional build quality and ultimate portability
  • Fully MIDI assignable to control any DJ software