Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6-W 4 Channel DJ Controller – Limited Edition White

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Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6-W 4 Channel DJ Controller – Limited Edition White

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6-W is a 4 Channel DJ Controller in limited edition white. The DDJ-FLX6-W brings you a 4 Channel DJ Controller for Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, packing a host of brand-new features. It makes it easier than ever before to captivate your audience, mix songs from totally different musical genres, and spice up your sets with pro-sounding scratch effects. Flex your imagination and boundaries with the limited edition DDJ-FLX6-W.

All-new Merge FX

You can choose from 41 types of effects for each element by using the Rekordbox on (PC/Mac) and customise each effect and sample to create your own variations. This allows you to combine over 9,000 different patterns by effecting elements such as; Build FX, Build Sample, Release FX, and Drop Sample

A feature never before seen, is the DDJ-FLX6-W’s Merge FX. This new feature allows you to easily mix songs of different genres that are in different keys and irrespective of the BPM. By simply pressing a knob and engaging an effect you can turn it as fast or as slow as you like in order to build up the tension in the music.

It all depends on which chosen effect pattern you are using but as an example. The pitch can climb while a snare drum is being triggered at shorter intervals. When you are ready just press the knob again in order to release the effect and drop in your next track. Just hit play and you have introduced your next song. The Merge FX section allows you plenty of additional features.

Jog Cutter: Create pro-sounding scratch effects, one-handed

Another awesome feature on the DDJ-FLX6-W is Jog Cutter. By turning on the Jog Cutter feature you can move your jog wheels and experience professional scratch effects. These are applied to your tracks to the last Hot Cue or playback position. You can switch between 10x different scratch patterns by simply moving the play-head on your jog wheels display. By releasing your hand away the DDJ-FLX6-W is ready to play as normal from the Hot Cue position.

The DDJ-FLX6-W features larger jog wheels which can be seen on the flagship CDJ-3000 Media Player. This essentially gives you the same size and feel that you would normally find on premium top-end products. You can also keep tabs on your play head position as there is even an On Jog Display as well.

Sample Scratch: Get creative with your favourite sounds

A brand new pad mode has also been introduced into Rekordbox. Sample Scratch allows you to choose sounds you’ve assigned to the sampler. You can then load them straight into your DDJ-FLX6-W. This is a wonderful feature if you are wanting to create a live remix of a track. Not to mention you can now scratch in your favourite sounds. And Serato DJ Pro still lets you use Scratch Bank to trigger samples with your performance pads.

Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro

Thanks to a built-in sound card and support for both RekordBox and Serato DJ Pro; all you need to do is connect your DDJ-FLX6-W to your laptop and you’re ready to go. You won’t need a subscription either, and you even get licenses for the Serato DJ FX Pack and Pitch N Time expansions. Allowing you to get truly creative with whatever application you favour.

The DDJ-FLX6-W Limited-edition striking white finish

Finally, the DDJ-FLX6-W sports a layout similar to the club-standard CDJ & DJM setup. Not to mention the fresh limited edition white finish with re-designed jog wheels ensuring your setup stands out.