Redback 10W 100V EWIS IP66 Weather Proof Plastic Horn Speaker

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The C 2053 has been engineered to meet the stringent requirements of AS1670.4. Its high efficiency, high SPL output provides excellent speech reproduction and sound distribution for both general PA and emergency evacuation use. Compact yet very efficient with a high SPL of 104dB, 1W @ 1m. This horn speaker is ideal for car parks, plant rooms, industrial plants, schools, train/bus stations and airports etc.
Installation Guidelines
It is supplied with an in-built bipolar capacitor making it compatible with EWIS control systems employing line monitoring circuitry. It is also fitted with a 4 core termination lead to provide connection points for loop in, loop out wiring, as required by Australian Standards. A screwdriver adjustable switch is provided to select the desired power tapping.
Supplied with nickel plated chrome hardware. The neutral grey RAL colour of C 2053 provides an architecturally unobtrusive finish to virtually any installation.
About Redback® Speaker Drivers
Each horn speaker has been specifically engineered to ensure a wide frequency range and dispersion angle, plus a high sound pressure level (SPL) ensuring excellent music and speech intelligibility; which is highly desirable.
Redback® drivers exhibit optimum frequency response and efficiency for BGM & paging applications. Redback® drivers are subject to strenuous factory testing reducing the risk of unit failure or performance reduction over time.