Redback 30W 100V Line Premium PA Speaker With Backbox

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Designed for foreground & sound reinforcement applications, this speaker employs a high quality 6.5" 2-way polypropylene driver, along with an enclosure which is ported and damped for excellent bass response. The 0.75" waveguide coupled tweeter gives smooth and controlled coverage for crisp high frequencies. A rotary 100V line power tap selector is accessed simply by removing the grill, and is adjusted using a screwdriver. This allows for easy power tap setting after the unit has been installed.
A superior performance speaker for commercial installations demanding high quality sound. The first choice for boardrooms, boutiques, bars, cafes etc.
Installation Guidelines
Redback® “Fast-Fix” speaker utilise a time saving flip lock mounting method. It results in a finish with no visible screw heads or caps. The flip lock tabs slide outwards as the speaker is screwed into the hole, securing the speaker to the ceiling material from the top side.
Suitable for use with any 8-25mm ceiling tile, including gyprock, mineral fibre or fixed gyprock ceilings. We recommend a speaker hole of 220mm. This is easily cut using the T 2314 holesaw.
The neutral white RAL colour of C 2191 provides an architecturally unobtrusive finish to virtually any installation. The transformer is fitted with a 4 way wire protect screw terminal block. This is suitable for loop in, loop out cabling. The cable can be secured to an inbuilt strain relief mechanism.
About Redback® Speaker Drivers
Each custom designed speaker and transformer combination has been specifically engineered to ensure a wide frequency range and dispersion angle, plus a high sound pressure level (SPL) ensuring excellent music and speech intelligibility; which is highly desirable for paging applications. Redback® drivers exhibit optimum frequency response and efficiency for BGM & paging applications. The transformers are wound on professional grade grain oriented steel cores for high efficiency and extended frequency response. Each transformer is fitted with multiple power tappings which are selected via a front mounted rotary switch.
Redback® drivers are subject to strenuous factory testing reducing the risk of unit failure or performance reduction over time. Each driver has a power rating well above the max tapping of the transformer, ensuring reliable operation and excellent longevity.