Redback A4472 • 8 Zone Paging Microphone (Suits A 4470)

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The A 4472 paging console is an extremely flexible addition to the A 4470 audio switcher. The consoles can be used for multi zone paging with the facitily to store and recall multiple zones to a single button. The recall functions can

also be labelled via a USB keyboard which can be plugged into the rear of the unit. The labels will then be displayed on the highly functional and attractive LCD. An example might be a label “sales”.

An emergency paging over-ride facility is accessed by a combination of an illuminated push button switch and a PTT (push to talk) switch. This combination removes the possibliity of accidentally activating the emergency over-ride facility. When activated, emergency paging will be forced through to all zones regardless of any zones which were set to be locked out.

A maximum of 2 paging consoles can be connected to the A 4470 at the same time. These work in a “first in, best dressed” arrangement. The consoles can be cascaded together or both wired back to the A 4470. Each unit must be assigned a ID number through DIP switch settings on the rear of the unit.

A pre-announcement chime is available at the paging console and through the PA system. Both of these are set by DIP switches on the rear of the unit.


  • Multi zone paging.
  • Zone lock out facility.
  • Recall multiple zones with a single button press.
  • Keyboard entry labelling of recall zones.
  • LCD for indicating zone selections.
  • Pre-announcement chime.
  • Emergency override paging to all zones.