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Redback A4486 • 1 Zone Line Level Paging Microphone

Redback A4486 • 1 Zone Line Level Paging Microphone

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An elegant desk top single zone paging microphone with pre-announcement chime, balanced line level output and 3.5mm BGM input. The base is a robust heavy duty design coupled with a dynamic cardioid gooseneck microphone. Connection to the microphone is via economical industry standard Cat 5 (or similar) cable. Includes 3.5mm input for BGM program source from your phone or tablet. Connections for remote power (24V dc) and the balanced audio output are via an 8 pin RJ45 socket. Output volume is adjustable and the unit is supplied with an inbuilt pre-announcement chime (selectable internally). The high level balanced output allows transmission over 300m without interference. Requires A 4487 interface box & M 9391A 24V dc plugpack to operate.

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