Redback Phase4 PA Amplifier/Mixer with 6 Inputs

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Engineered for professional PA installations where high order performance standards and ultra reliability are demanded, the A 4075A and A 4085A conservatively deliver 125W and 250W RMS power respectively. Frequency response extends from 50Hz to 15kHz ±3dB at a total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 0.5% @ 1kHz. Voice/Vox muting, including an Input 1 priority function, bass and treble controls and phantom powering capability enable unparalleled flexibility for a wide scope of applications such as schools, shopping centres, workshops, mine sites and office buildings. Operates from 240VAC mains or 24VDC permitting battery backup operation during mains power failure. Output can be 100V line, 70V line or low impedance (4 - 16ž) loads. Thermal overload protection circuit and fuses on both AC and DC circuitry provide excellent fault condition protection and robust performance.