Wharfedale TITAN12SUBP2 Package: 2 X TITAN12D, 2 X TITAN15ASUBMK2, 2 X SKPOLE, 2 X FCMCML1, 2 X FCMCML5

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Package consists of:-

2 x TITAN12D

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* Power: 1200W PRG
* Max SPL: 127dB
* Hum and noise: -90dB
* Input sensitivity: Line (low Gain): 0dBu Mic (Hi Gain): -40dBu
* Maximum input level: +20dBu
* input impedance: Balanced: 20kohm unbalanced: 10kohm
* Equalisation: High(+10dB) 10KHz Shelving/Low(+5dB) 100Hz Shelving
* Monitor filter: 90Hz HPF filter for stage monitor use
* Remote gain attenuator: 3 pin Euroblock connector for remote volume adjustment of the titan12D Linear control of the volume is achieved by variation of the applied voltage
* Limit LED: Shows when either signal limiter is active (LF or HF)
* Amplifier Protection: Power switch on/off mute; DC detection; Overload and short-circuit detection; thermal/heat sink protection; output mute/auto reset
* Power amplifier type: Dual Class D modules (LF and HF)
* AC power options: JP, FG, UK, SA, US
* Colour: Black
* Dimensions / Weight: 556x384x312mm / 12.4Kg
* Gross weight: 15.5kg
* Rating: 250W RMS + 50W RMS

* Frequency Response: 45 Hz - 200 Hz
* Cross over: Adjustable 80/100/120/150/180/200 Hz
* Input connections: 2 x XLR Jack combo
* Output connections: 2 x XLR
* Protection: Peak limiter, thermal, DC, and short circuit
* Weight: 26kg
* Dimensions: 455 x 470 x 630mm
* Power: 700w  RMS / 800w Music Power / 1600w PRG

Shipping Volume: .601cbm
Shipping Weight: 94.04kg

Warranty: 12 Months