Wharfedale TITAN15A SUBMK2 Active 15'' Subwoofer,

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Wharfedale Active 15" 1600W PRG Sub Woofer
Wharfedale TITAN15ASUBMK2 Active 15'' Subwoofer,1600W PRG, 15mm Plywood - MK2 Model. With precise 24-bit 192kHz DSP Qubit processor.
The Titan15ASUB Mk2 is an efficient and lightweight subwoofer making for easy transportation and set up ideal for mobile DJs, bands and other musicians on the road.

The new and improved TITAN 15" Sub uses Qubitâ„¢ which is Wharfedale's powerful and precise 24-bit 192kHz DSP processing. With advanced adaptive multi-band dynamic processing and filtering Qubit helps fine tune your system to sound natural and open.

Qubit processing optimises the loudspeaker to provide smooth digital crossover points that are perfectly aligned in terms of phase response and time-domain.