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Hire - Pioneer XDJRR All-in-One DJ System in roadcase


The XDJ-RR comes bundled with our professional performance application, rekordbox dj, so you can simply activate your licence key and power up to start DJing straight out of the box. Unlock even mo...
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Hire - Wedding & Ceremony DJ Gear Package


This Wedding & Cememony Package will include x 1 Pioneer XDJR1 DJ Decks x 1 Battery Portable PA with Lapel, Handheld, CD & USB for Ceremony x 1 Shure Wireless Microphone x 2 Whalfdale 12" P...
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Hire - Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus & DJM850 Package


x 2 CDJ2000 NEXUS  x 1 DJM850 NEXUS Includes Cary Bags, Link, IEC and RCA Cables
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Hire - QSC K Series Three Speaker Package


x 2 QSC Speakers  x 1 QSC Subwoofer X 2 Stands  
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Hire : Electro-Voice ZLX-15P 15" Powered Speaker & Subwoofer Duo Package


Electro-Voice ZLX-15P 15" Powered Speaker x 2  18" Subwoofers  x 2  Speaker Poles x 2  inc Power & XLR Cables
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Hire - Serato SL3 with timecode CD's


Hire - Serato SL3 Scratchlive with Timecode CD's includes RCA Cables, USB Cables
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Hire - Pioneer DJM850 Mixer


Pioneer DJM850 Mixer
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Hire DJ Club Pack / CDJ's + EV 15” Speakers


2 x Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus CD Player Pioneer DJM900 Nexus DJ Mixer 2 x High Powered 15” Speakers  2 x Speaker Stands & Cables. Add $80 for 18” Subwoofer 
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Hire - Technics SL1210 Turntable. (No Headshell)


One Technics Turn Table (Note these require a headshell that can hired seperately)
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Hire - Pioneer XDJR1 All in One Mixer and Dual CD Player & USB Controller


The combined structure of two players, a top-flight mixer and powerful performance features means you can DJ with this device on its own. You can control the XDJ-R1 wirelessly from an iPad, iPhone ...
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Hire - Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus Mixer DJM900


One DJM 900 Mixer and assosciated cables.
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Hire - Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus


One Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus  CD, MP3 Player  and all assosciated cables. 50% Off per day after The CDJ-2000NXS can utilize different music sources, from a hard drive to USB thumb drive, SD memory c...
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