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Hire - Portable DJ Table 1.8m Wide

Hire - Portable DJ Table 1.8m Wide

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Portable DJ Table 1.8m Wide

Hire - Portable DJ Table 1.8m Wide

Product description

This will Hold 4x CDJ & DJM Mixer

1.83m x 0.61m stage top with rail lock system, black anti-skid stage top, recessed stage skirt velcro included.

  • Materials: 18mm Plywood and Aluminium
  • Finishing: Anti-Skid Black Hex Pattern
  • Average Load (Kg): 1130
  • Centre Point Load (Kg): 500
  • Rating: TUV
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1830mm x 610mm x 80mm

Stage panels feature:

  • Aluminium heavy duty frame
  • Aluminium 50mm adjustable heavy duty legs ranging from 300mm to 1400mm in height.  
  • Each leg has an integrated ruler which allows all legs to be set up to an exact same height.
  • Legs are fully removable and fitted to the table without any tools needed
  • Stage is easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Easy to transport when flat packed 
  • Non slip surface - black laminate
  • Multiple panels can be joined and locked together (inbuilt locking system) 
  • slip- resistant laminated plywood 
  • Set up is very easy with the stage legs just slotting into corner clamps under the stage and locked
  • tight legs with a lever without need for any tools.