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130" 16:9 Grandview Smart-Screen Motorised Projector Screen

130" 16:9 Grandview Smart-Screen Motorised Projector Screen

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Product Description

Grandview Motorised 130" 16:9 IP Smart-Screen Projector Screen

Sometimes you just need a bigger screen, and Grandview have stepped up to the task. The large screen range starts at 2650mm wide right up to 4400mm wide, and at these sizes you definitely need a motorised screen for both ease of use and longevity of product. Perfect for bigger home theatres, schools and smaller venues.

Being a Smart-Screen there’s the choice of IP Control, IR remote, 12V trigger from your projector, dry contact relay control, or even integrating with a control system using RS232 commands. There is also a manual override switch. So many options, so smart, so Grandview.

The large Smart-Screen range uses larger roller sizes, and are in a bigger sized casing. Please check the specifications sheet for details.

- As standard is supplied with IP Control, IR Remote, 12V Trigger, Close Contact and a manual override switch.
- Simple mechanical limit setting adjustments via the motor.
- Install is simplified with multi fit brackets that can be installed anywhere along the length of the casing allowing for mounting to wall stud positions.
- Brackets suit wall, ceiling or suspended installation.
- Projection surface is Plana R.
- Casing is extruded aluminium, finished in white.
- 12 V Trigger Using 1.5mm output on screen and 3.5 on the projector end.
- External IR Cable with Jack plug 3.5mm with receiver eye.
- Close Contact Cable Provided in the box.
- RS232 control is available – requires an additional accessory.
- Manual Switch located on the bottom of the casing (Push button), close to the Power cable outlet.

User Manual, PDF (707KB)

Specification Sheet, PDF (162KB)

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