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Redback 2 X 120W Class D Public Address (PA) Amplifier

Redback 2 X 120W Class D Public Address (PA) Amplifier

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Product Description

This compact two channel Class-D design amplifier provides two independant 120W power amplifiers built into a single 1RU 19” rack mount chassis. It is ideal for use in environments where two individual program sources are required in different building zones. Ideal for use in hotels, function centres, shopping malls and commercial offices.

The unique feature of the Class-D design is the significant reduction in power consumption and heat generation due to the switchmode power supply design employed. They utilise active power factor correction (APFC) switch mode power technology allowing an efficiency rating of 85%. The result of which is a much cooler running amplifier (<55°C), offering a long life span and significant power savings for a reduced environmental impact.

Each amplifier is provided with screw terminal connections for balanced input from the source, 100V line output and an RJ45 port for remote control functions. The RJ45 port allows remote power control, volume control and status monitoring. Each channel amplifier is provided with front panel level controls and indicators. A dedicated 24V DC power battery backup input is also provided for each channel.

Both channel amplifiers are also protected against short circuit, high temperature and overload conditions. Importantly these protections are dedicated for each channel, so that if a fault occurs on one amplifier, the other is unaffected.


  • 85% efficient class-D power performance.
  • Low power consumption & heat generation.
  • Compact 1RU case housing two individual amplifiers.
  • Individual dedicated protection circuitry.
  • Individual cooling systems for each channel.
  • LED indicators for signal, peak, protection and power.
  • Constant 100V floating output per channel (ie no reference to earth).
  • Compatible with Altronics line monitoring equipment.
  • 24V DC battery backup power (per channel).
  • 240V AC operation.
  • Remote control on/off switching function.
  • In-built bandpass filter for 80Hz and 16KHz signals.
  • Built-in short circuit, overload, high temperature protection.
  • 2 year warranty
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