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Akai MPK Mini MK3 Black MIDI Keyboard 25 Key with MPC Pads

Akai MPK Mini MK3 Black MIDI Keyboard 25 Key with MPC Pads

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Product Description

Akai MPK Mini MK3 Black

The Akai MPK Mini MK3 in Black brings you the third generation of the renowned & best-selling MIDI keyboard controller. Featuring 25 keys, 8 MPC pads, and 8 endless encoders, the MPK Mini MK3 is truly the complete package!

Offering everything you need as a modern producer, the MPK Mini Black can be instantly integrated with your favourite music production software. While its compact size makes it perfect for travel and moving around. Not to mention the arsenal of both MPC pads and assignable controls that allow you to take even further control of your production. Plus, the updated and enhanced dynamic key bed ensures your performance will sound great and feel amazing while you’re playing.

Beginner or Professional

If you’re a beginner just getting started with music production, the MPK Mini has everything you need. While also acting as the ultimate Swiss Army Knife for professional musicians. Every song has to start somewhere, so pick up your MPK Mini wherever you are and get to work on your next big hit!

Enhanced Dynamic Keybed

Another new feature of the MPK Mini Black MK3 is it’s reimaged Gen 2 enhanced dynamic keybed. Delivering a piano performance and feel, the MPK Mini keys are suited to the world’s finest players. Whether you’re playing grand piano sounds, searing synths, or electric piano; the keybed on the MPK Mini will get the most out of any instrument or style.

MPC Pads

On top of that, the MPK Mini Black boasts 8 pads pulled straight from the flagship MPC. Bankable, velocity-sensitive, and backlit; these MPC pads give you unmatched performance for both finger drumming and melodic sample playback.

Complete Music Production Starter Kit

Finally, the MPK Mini Black with the Complete Music Production Starter Kit gives you the roadmap for making hit songs! Use the MPC Beats DAW based on the legendary MPC workflow; add in drums and sample expansions used by industry pros; then top it off with some of the most versatile plugin instruments available on the market

So no matter what genre you’re looking to produce, the MPK Mini Black has everything you’ll ever need. Including MPC Beats, AIR Hybrid, Mini Grand, Velvet, and assorted MPC expansion packs.

Your journey to a hit song starts with MPK mini and the Complete Music Production Starter Kit is the roadmap to your destination. Start with a DAW based on the legendary MPC workflow, add in drum and sample expansion packs that the industry pros use, and top it off with the most versatile virtual plugin instruments available today, the possibilities are endless. Pump out the summer party anthem of the year, craft the next ballad to touch hearts worldwide or develop the soundtrack to a generation. MPK mini gives you all the tools to reach whatever level of success you set out to attain. Featured software includes MPC Beats, AIR Hybrid, Mini Grand, Velvet and assorted MPC expansion packs.

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