Antari Quiet Snow Machine S200x

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Antari Quiet Snow Machine
Snow Machine - Quiet Operation

It tends to spoil the dramatic effect if the soft blanket of snow descending on a scene comes with a sound like a full-scale avalanche accompanying it.

Progress in fan, motor, and snow-making technology lead to the Antari S-200 – as near silent as possible. As well as the noise level reduction, you can vary the output from light snowfall to the heavy flurry. The unit’s built-in blower fan can spread the effect over a considerable distance. This very portable machine is perfect for theatre use where quiet is demanded.

(Requires Antari snow fluid to operate)
Key Features:-
• Reduced noise technology - 63dB
• Compact and portable
• Included remote

Warranty: 12 Months
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Antari S200 S-200