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ANTARI W101- Bubble Machine with Wireless Remote Control

ANTARI W101- Bubble Machine with Wireless Remote Control

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The cutting-edge wireless control system gives Antari W101 bubble machine a simple setting and operation interface. It brings users to a professional scene in an easier method. Main Features: 1. Intelligent Wireless Control System Each W101 bubble machine comes with a set of wireless receiver and transmitter as standard controller.

The working distance of wireless control is 50 meters in open area. 2. Texture-like Painting Finish Though most of the time, bubble machines are served as supportive character at the corner of stage, W101 bubble machine is now given extraordinary elegant finish as a star!


  • Voltage : 240V
  • Power Consumption : 30W
  • Tank Capacity : 0.7 liter
  • Fluid consumption : 8.3 ml/min
  • Control : Manual, Wireless
  • Weight : 4.2 Kg
  • Dimensions (mm) : L350 W170 H217 mm
  • Liquid Used : Antari BL5 Bubble Liquid
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