Audio Technica AT2020 & ATH M20x Studio Recording Combo Pack

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Two of Audio-Technica's most popular products have come together in a content creators microphone plus headphone retail pack.

The microphone is the go to studio AT2020, it is a high quality, large diaphragm, side addressed cardioid condenser microphone perfect for vocals or acoustic audio sources with precise articulation and intelligibility. The AT2020 is ideal for small studio or field recording, podcasting and voiceovers plus a handful of live sound reinforcement applications like drum overheads, guitar cabinets and more.

Accompanying the AT2020 is the ATH-M20x. With rare earth magnet 40mm drivers this headphone provides plenty of well-balanced and detailed audio for recording and mastering or live use. Its over ear design and well cushioned ear pads provide a comfortable listening experience even during extended sessions.

The 'Studio Recording Combo' also includes an Audio-Technica microphone guide to help those new to studio recording on the different types of microphones, common recording problems and instrument miking guides