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Cable Tray - Cable Cover - 2 Channel - 1m

Cable Tray - Cable Cover - 2 Channel - 1m

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Product Description

Heavy Duty Outdoor Cable Covers - Protect your cables and increase safety!

2 Channel Outdoor Cable Pipe
Designed for covering cable runs outdoors at public events, where the risk of trips or falls must be minimised. With 2 separate channels, the CP-2 is ideal for live sound applications where multiple cable runs such as audio, lighting and power are required.

Strong Enough to Withstand Pressure from Small Trucks, Cars and Vans
The CP-2 is constructed from heavy duty rubber plastic and rated to withstand 3000kg per tyre.


  • Protects your assets!
  • Suitable for Audio Cables, Power Cables, Data Cables
  • Flexible Rubber: Adjusts to uneven surfaces
  • Portable and Light: Can be installed by a single person


  • Length: 1 metre
  • Dimensions: 1m(L) x 250mm(W) x 44mm(H)
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Material: Rubber
  • Hinge Rod: Nylon
  • Channels: 2x 30mm / 30mm wide by 30mm high
  • Load Rating: 3000kg per tyre
  • Heavy duty non-slip rubber
  • UV Stabilized Material
  • Colour: Black or Yellow
  • Metal Parts: Nil
  • Conductive Parts: Nil
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