CR Power 7 RGB Laser (500mw R + 150mw G + 400mw B)

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70166 Power 7 RGB

This high power RGB laser with ILDA interface is a true concentrated laser featuring a combined 500mW Red, 150mW Green and 400mW Blue lasers that create incredible bright multi-coloured combinations and is one of the brightest in its class.


  • Laser Power: 150mW-G(650nm) + 500mW-R(532nm) + 400mW-B(450nm)
  • Laser Color: 7 Colour
  • Rating Power: 75W
  • Scan System: High speed step motor drive and grating scan. 25kHz
  • System Port: DMX512 input and output port / Interlock Emergency switching port
  • Operation Mode: Two Auto Modes, Two Audio Modes, DMX Control, Master/Slave, ILDA with laser show controller system
  • Control Mode: Inside 4 in 1 mode. DISCO Pub Sound control Mixture / Standard DMX512 signal control
  • Control Function: Precision Step motor to orientation / Multi laser work together without cable
  • Demo Effect: Blanking rotating zoom retro flexion moving strobe, create light wall and light tunnel and cloud sea with the fog.
  • Work Environment: 10~40℃ Indoor
  • Size: 259x336x120mm
  • Weight: 5.95kg