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E-lektron IU-4013 Wireless Microphone System - 4 Handheld Vocal Mics

E-lektron IU-4013 Wireless Microphone System - 4 Handheld Vocal Mics

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Product Description

E-lektron IU-4013 Digital Tunable Quad UHF Wireless Microphone System

for use with E-Lektron sound system 520MHz - 541MHz Free operation in All Australia

E-lektron IU-4013 Wireless Microphone System - 4 Handheld Vocal Mics
Four channel wireless microphone system with receiver and handheld microphone transmitters. The IU-4013 system allows for multiple selectable frequency groups that won't interfere with each other. Intuitive controls and simple operation at a great price point make this system ideal for churches, multi-function venues, and schools.

Handheld Wireless Vocal Microphone
The included wireless vocal microphones are suitable for capturing speech and live singing performance. The frequency response is very flat and clear sounding, spec'd as flat from 50Hz-16KHz. The mic features a backlit LCD display showing the operational status of the microphone, including current group, channel, battery charge, and lock status. This microphone is perfect for function venues, weddings, seminars and other situations with multiple or animated/mobile speakers. The broadcasting range of this mic is 520-541MHz, making it both legally and functionally suitable for most areas of Australia.

Four Channel Wireless Receiver
The included receiver is a high performance receiver useful for a variety of applications, all kinds of stage, small clubs, but also for large concerts and theatres. Easy setup with infrared data synchronization ensures the system is stable and easy to use. Convenient 19" rack mountable size. The backlit 4 colour LCD display shows all the information needed for monitoring very clearly; current channel frequency, RF signal strength, and an audio input meter. 



  • UHF band, PLL circuit, stable character, low spurious emission.
  • Three-way slide frequency switch design, preset three groups of compatible frequency. 
  • Transmitter up to 50MHz tunable bandwidth
  • International EIA standard half U/1 U chassis, equipped with rack mounting kit.
  • Integrated antenna distributor, reduces mutual interference efficiently. 
  • Each channel equipped  independent balanced output. 
  • Automatic IR frequency Sync function: transmitter synchronization via IR interface. 
  • Noise and sound code locked mute control circuit. 
  • Flat frequency response at 50Hz-16KHz. 

Receiver Specifications:

  • Receiving Channel: Dual channels  
  • Carrier Wave Frequency Range: 520-541MHz
  • Oscillation Mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesizer
  • Modulation Mode: FM modulation 
  • RF sensitivity: input 6dBµV, S/N>B0dB 
  • Working Range: Straight line distance 60 meters. Note: actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection and interference.
  • Mute control mode: Sound code and noise lock
  • Frequency response: S0Hz-1 BKHz ( ±3dB)
  • Comprehensive T.H.D.: <0.5%@ 1 KHz 
  • Panel display: LCD+LED
  • Dimension (mm): 21O(L)x44(H)x181 (D) / 41 0(L)x44(H)x21 0(D)

Wireless Mic Specifications:

  • Oscillation Mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesizer
  • Carrier Wave Frequency range: 520-541MHz
  • Cartridge gain: Fixed gain 
  • Transmit power: The maximum 30mW (depends on the region) 
  • Current drain: <130mA
  • Display: LCD 
  • Cartridge type: Module dynamic cardioid cartridge 
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