FBT SHADOW Series High Quality Music and Voice In Extreme Weather Conditions

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High Quality Music and Voice In Extreme Weather Conditions

FBT SHADOW is a complete range of high performance installation speakers, designed to provide high quality music and voice reproduction with resistance to severe weather conditions.

The all-weather family is suited to a wide range of applications, from sports fields to stadiums, theme parks, swimming pools, themed restaurants, outdoor bars and shopping malls. SHADOW combines the highest quality speech and music reproduction, with maximum product durability.

Rated to IP55, the cabinet of the SHADOW series is a single piece rotomolded enclosure, made in polyethylene, fully UV protected and supplied with a stainless steel U-Bracket for fixed installations.

The exceptionally weather resistant driver is further protected by the unique water-stop grill: it stops the elements, solid or liquid, from getting inside the enclosure. Each protective grill is a 3 layer structure that consists of an external perforated stainless steel panel treated with a special protection, a centre layer of reticulated foam and an inner layer of water-repellent polyester mesh, providing maximum protection and minimal acoustic attenuation.

All internal circuitry is protected with a special sealing and treated with a weather proofing compound to protect against the effects of moisture, corrosion and oxidation.

The Shadow range includes:

105T – 5”/1” full range
108CT – 8”/1” coaxial full range
112CT - 12”/1” coaxial full range
114S – 14” subwoofer
112HC – 12”/1” High SPL coaxial full range
142L – 14”, 2 x 1.4” High SPL Line Array element