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Hire - LED Animation Dancefloor 3m x 3m

Hire - LED Animation Dancefloor 3m x 3m

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LED Animation Dancefloor 3m x 3m

Hire - LED Animation Dancefloor 3m x 3m

Product description



    Interactive Dance Floors comes with built in sensors for activating effects when stepping on the dance floor panel region.

    Hence it will playback abstract, graphics and text.

    LED VIDEO DANCE FLOOR - P10 Hi Resolution

    Heavy Duty M-1

    Play back video on this hi resolution, heavy duty, LED Dance Floor


    Play back animated abstract graphics and text on this LED Dance Floor

    Along with our DMX LED dance floors and Video dance floors we offer high quality Interactive Dance Floors.

    The Interactive dance floor is very popular with children and is great for dental offices, pediatrics centers, children centers, family/children oriented restaurants and for home entertainment. Adults find them entertaining as well and can be a great fit for a night club.

    Use them for promotional purposes such as at corporate events or trade shows. The floor panels can create text effects along with abstract graphics and will attract attention.

    Please review the two different resolution floors we have and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. The higher the resolution, the clearer and more detail the playback of text and graphics are.

    This is one of the only Floors on the market that does not need any tools or wiring, cables or signal line while setting up. Great for rental all you have to do is lock them together and the power is already connected between tile to tile.

    These Twilight tiles are extremely easy to set up and take down. Includes the edge slope for safety and good looks.

    You can choose between white or black base for club dance for or wedding or other celebrated event.

    These RGB/White Floor Panels are the thinnest of its kind on the market. They are lightweight, strong, and durable and can be applied in many applications. These Ultra slim luminous floor panels are only 35 mm thick (1 3/8").

    •Easy to install

    •Energy savings up to 70%

    •Smooth light panel, no dark/glaring area

    •Durable lifetime and low maintenance

    •Mesmerizing and eye catching

    •User friendly with soft and uniform light, low wattage and low heat

    •No flickering

    •Multi & full colour changing, with different changing patterns

    Popular in night clubs, pubs, theatres, residential settings, luxurious hotels as well as shopping malls.

    Can be used at trade shows to attract attention.

    Consist of colour-changing LED system and tempered glass surface. They are highly resistant to impact.

    Assembly and placement are extremely simple and take only minutes to complete install.