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Hire - Phottix M200R RGB LED Light

Hire - Phottix M200R RGB LED Light

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Phottix M200R RGB LED Light

Hire - Phottix M200R RGB LED Light

Product description

The Phottix M200R RGB LED Light is a powerful and compact light that will make shooting a whole lot easier. Featuring the latest in flicker-free LED technology, your results will be brighter and clear than ever. This is an ideal product for studio or on-the-go shooting, and will provide an evenly spread light. It can be used with Smartphones or cameras and has an extremely slimline body. Equipped with low-heat and long-life LED’s, this is a reliable and efficient lighting solution.

Adjustable Brightness and Temperature

The adjustable brightness and colour temperature (3,200K-5,600K) functions offers a great deal of versatility and will provide a wider range of image or video results. Additionally, it features a fill 0-360° colour hue and saturation adjustment along with 21 preset scenario effects.


So that you don’t have to worry about losing your light source mid-way though a shoot, it boasts a power bank function, built-in 4,000mAh battery capacity and can be connected to a device through a USB cable during charging.

  • Long-life, Low-Heat LEDs
  • Long-Life Built-In Battery
  • Adjustable brightness and colour temperature
  • Full 0-360ºcolor hue and saturation adjustment
  • 21 preset scenario effects
  • Use as a power bank to charge other devices