Hire - Shure QLXD4 Handheld or Lapel bodypack Microphone

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Shure QLX-D Digital Wireless is the clear choice for exceptionally detailed wireless audio in widely diverse and demanding environments. 

A highly flexible system featuring streamlined setup and operation, QLX-D boasts impressive RF efficiency to get more channels on air using less spectrum, while the rugged all-metal construction withstands the rigors of constant use. From corporate seminars to music clubs classroom lectures to houses of worship, Shure QLX-D Digital Wireless has is covered - delivering confident performance, no matter what the venue.

QLX-D System Specifications

  • RF Carrier Range: 470-937.5MHz, varies by region
  • Working Range: 100m (328 ft)
  • RF Tuning Step Size: 25 kHz, varies by region
  • Image Rejection: >70 dB, typical
  • RF Sensitivity: -97 dBm at 10-5 BER
  • Latency:
  • Audio Frequency Response: QLXD1: 20Hz-20kHz (±1 dB) QLXD2: Note: Dependant on microphone type
  • Audio Dynamic Range: >120 dB, A-weighted, typical
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.1%
  • System Audio Polarity: Positive pressure on microphone diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 (with repsect to pin 3 of XLR output) and the tip of the 6.35mm (1/4 inch) output.

When you hire from us you can select to use our Setup Service and have us set up the equipment for you. The equipment will be set up in the most efficient manner to suit the event. Total Setup service time cannot exceed half an hour, this is ample time for our trained technician to set up the equipment in a suitable manner for the event. For customised set ups an additional charge of $49 per 30 minutes will apply. Customised set up usually applies to situations were cable runs are long and require extensive labour to conceal and "make safe". If you require a band set up, you will need to book an operator as this type of set up requires higher qualified technician.Note that Sunday labour incurs an additional charge, please contact us to obtain a quote on Sunday labour.