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PA60 Mixer-Amplifier

Including a 60 watt into 4-8 ohm or 100 volt line output amplifier, 6 inputs (5 balanced mic (-50dBu) or line level (-10dBu), switchable 2 kohm inputs (1-3 on XLR or 3-pin euroblock connector with optional DC phantom power, 4 and 5 on euroblock connector) and one mono-summed, twin phono (RCA), -10dBu (10kohm) input) and a telephone system input (paging output from phone system (not BT line), 0dBu (10kohm)). Vox priority override is on mic 1-2 and telephone inputs. Additionally there is a preamp out (100mV/600ohm; 0dBu, 10kohm); main amp in (1V/47kohm; 0dBu, 20 kohm) all on 3-pin euroblock connectors. Overall bass (100 Hz) and treble (10 kHz) tone controls plus master volume control, loudspeaker zone selection (5 zone and “all-call”) on 100 volt outputs, built-in chime and siren tones (manual (or for chime, remote via rear euroblock operation)) and an external mute facility (rear on euroblock) to mute inputs 3 to 6 is also featured. 230V AC powering IEC inlet. Weight; 6.2kg. Dimensions; 420 x 88 x 319(mm).