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Korg Volca Modular Micro-Modular Synthesizer

Korg Volca Modular Micro-Modular Synthesizer

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Creating new sounds that don’t exist in the outside world is an unending dream which has continued since the birth of electronic musical instruments. This dream has evolved and expanded throughout the development of new and unique music production devices. The popularity of modular synthesizers around the world has generated new excitement and interest in the so-called "West Coast style" of synthesis that deviates from traditional synthesis norms. The compact body of this volca synth features eight modules and 50 patch points. While learning the basics of a modular synth, you can use popular features of the volca synthesizer line to control a unique and different flavor of analog sounds.

The volca modular is a semi-modular synthesizer consisting of independent analog synth modules, digital effects, and a sequencer. Each of the modules has been carefully selected for its stand-alone completeness. The modules are internally connected so that sound can be produced even before connecting the included pin cables, and the routing is shown by white lines on the panel. Module connections via a pin cable take priority over the internal connections, bypassing them.

The unit's compact chassis provides 50 patch points. Inputs and outputs are colour-coded for recognition at a glance, and the signals are also marked by symbols to indicate audio, control, gate or trigger. Normally, each signal is connected according to its use, but on the volca modular, signal levels are universally compatible between modules, allowing hidden possibilities to arise from patching that defies common sense. Twenty pin cables are included, and also included is a reference sheet explaining each patch point and providing basic examples of patching.

  • Analog synth composed of eight modules
  • A fusion of West Coast style in a volca format
  • Patching allows infinite possibilities
  • Sixteen-step sequencer that can automate parameters
  • Randomize function that can generate accidental ideas
  • Two new modes added for sequence playback
  • Musically advanced scales, keys, and micro tuning
  • Connectors that allow synchronized performance and external control
  • Maximum Polyphony: 1
  • Structure: 2 VCO (Triangle), 2 EG, 2 LPG, digital effect
  • Reference Sheets for Beginners
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