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LD Systems ICOA 12 W Passive 12″ Coaxial PA Speaker in White

LD Systems ICOA 12 W Passive 12″ Coaxial PA Speaker in White

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Product Description

LD Systems ICOA 12 W Passive Coaxial Speaker

The LD Systems ICOA 12 W Passive speaker in white is a full-range 12″ Inch loudspeaker. With a frequency response between 55Hz and 20kHz, the ICOA 12 W will surely impress you with its sound quality. Especially at low-end frequencies with its 1000W peak performance that delivers a maximum sound pressure of 123db. And because of the low-end performance, DJ’s can use the ICOA 12 W without the aid of a dedicated subwoofer. 

Sound quality

Considered as a jack-of-all-trades; the ICOA 12 W speaker uses a coaxial design and BEM-optimised CD horn which means it’s very flexible. The horn-loaded woofer has an outstanding bass reproduction which makes it ideal for DJ’s, dance schools, musicians, bands and entertainers. 

ICOA 12 W – Versatile responses

Positioning the ICOA 12 W in different configurations provides you with a few choices. When deployed vertically, it provides you with a pleasing satellite speaker. The 36 mm dual tilt stand attachment, offers the choice of tilting the ICOA 12 W between a 0° or 5° tilt angle. This optimally adapts the system to the local acoustic environment.

When positioned horizontally it can be used as a floor monitor. Because the ICOA 12 W has an ideal tilt angle of 55°, it makes it an outstanding floor monitor when performing on stage. You can even use the ICOA 12 W as a suspended speaker and achieve excellent results.


The very well proportioned, not to mention comfortable 4x handle design makes carrying this loudspeaker very easy. 2x handles are on either side and an additional 2x handles on the front. All the handles are made from aluminium with the addition of ergonomic rubber surfaces. This essentially provides you with a much better grip when handling the ICOA 12 W.

You can also mount the ICOA 12 W to a tripod by using the integrated duel stand attachment. All made from metal to provide much more durability

Finally, with all this performance and versatility, it really makes the ICOA 12 W a perfect choice for music and vocal applications in both clubs and outdoor public areas.

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