Light Emotion Small Bubble Machine, High Output. Z10

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Light Emotion Small Bubble Machine, High Output.

Compact Bubble Machine
With its one litre tank capacity, and built-in fan, The Light Emotion Z10 will pump out enough bubbles to make magic happen.
When coupled with Light Emotion's specially formulated fluid (available separately) which produces long-lasting bubbles, the room will be floating along on literally hundreds those little spheres of magic. It's an effect that never stops causing awe and delight.
The Z10 is supplied with a hanging bracket and remote control which will let you control output and timed bursts of bubbling fun. Perfect for all kinds of functions including birthday parties, play rooms, school plays and much more. Then again, who says it only need be for the kids?
Key Features:-
• High bubble output
• Included Remote Control
• Hanging Bracket
• Portable

Warranty: 12 Months
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Light Emotion Z10