LPSA1024 Chromateq Stand Alone DMX Interface with Software

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The Chromateq Led Player Stand Alone 512 (LPSA512) is a sleek and versatile computer based DMX solution with complete stand alone function, ideal for mobile entertainers and smaller venues wanting to create, save and then playback their lighting shows without having to carry the computer or laptop with them.
The system includes a DMX interface capable of supporting up to 1024 channels of DMX (2 universes) and with the ability to save up to scenes / steps internally and recall them via the included remote for standalone applications (up to 4000 steps over 10 scenes).

The DMX system also include the popular LED Player DMX software, an easy to use computer based software that allows you to create, edit, save, and playback your lighting shows. Compatible with most computer platforms including MAC and Linux.

Main Features

  • 2 DMX Universes
  • 2 ARTNET Universes
  • Designed for LED Player and Pro DMX (30 mn Timeline) compatible
  • Real Time Clock triggers for each scene (Day, Week, Month, Year)
  • Automatic Scene Recovery if the power is accidentally cut off
  • 10 LED switch button triggering
  • Scene selection with Next and Previous buttons
  • Cross Fade time between scenes in Stand Alone
  • Speed and Dimmer adjustment for each scene in Stand Alone
  • Master/Slave mode to interconnect 16 interfaces (Stand Alone)
  • Default scene triggering when power up
  • Includes Infra Red LED (for scene triggering)
  • High voltage-proof
  • Housing that can be wall-mounted and DIN RAIL mounted
  • Supplied with LED Player software
Product Specification
Supported DMX Channels: 1024 (connected and stand alone)
DMX Connector: 3 Pins XLR and 5-Pin terminal block
Stand Alone Function: Yes
Power Requirements: 5V DC, via USB (USB power adapter included)
Dimensions: 40 x 110 x 120mm
Weight: 0.18 kg
Certifications: CE ; RoHS

For full product details see the online datasheet