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CR Lite MAX PartyBar10 – 2x Jelly Moon, 2x PAR and 1x UV/Strobe

CR Lite MAX PartyBar10 – 2x Jelly Moon, 2x PAR and 1x UV/Strobe

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Product Description

MAX PartyBar10 – 2x Jelly Moon, 2x PAR and UV/Strobe

The MAX PartyBar10 offers a complete lighting fixture packed with spectacular LED effects. It includes (2x) Jelly Moon 4x 3W 4-in-1 LEDs, (2x) PAR 3x 3W 4-in-1 LEDs as well as (1x) UV/Strobe 6x 2W UV/White LEDs.

The PartyBar10 offers you a complete kit fitted with spectacular LED light effects. While the long-life LEDs are sure to give you approximately 50,000 hours of use. Offering high-intensity LEDs in a number of different colours; the PartyBar10 is controllable via both DMX and Standalone Mode with IR remote control. The PartyBar10 also features auto programs and sound-activated modes. All are easily selectable from the control panel via the LED display and push-buttons.

What’s more, the PartyBar10 also comes with a tripod stand up to 1.8 meters for quick and easy setup. So it’s the perfect solution for mobile DJs at parties and other special events.

PartyBar10 in DMX and stand-alone-mode

On the back of the PartyBar10, you will find an LED display and DMX in/output via 3-pin XLR. When used with a DMX controller the PartyBar10 will provide you with 3x or 15x DMX channels in DMX mode. Dasy-changing is also an option by utilizing a DMX Out connection.

The PartyBar10 can also run as a stand-alone lighting fixture. This means you can position the light in a preferred setting and operate it without a DMX controller.

Infra-red remote

Max has included an IR Remote Control for you, so you can operate the PartyBar10 remotely. You can control functions such as Auto Modes, Speed Sensitivity and Stobe Speed and all from a touch of a button. The IR Remote makes operation simple and eliminates the need to have things programmed in advance.

Sound to Light and Auto Shows

You can also set the PartyBar10 into a Sound-Activated program mode. This function essentially allows you to get back to your performance while the PartyBar09 is activated to the sound of the music. When performing with the PartyBar10 you can also take advantage of the built-in pre-programmed shows. If time is a factor, just set the PartyBar10 into auto mode and let the auto programme perform lighting effects for you.

This special effects lighting bar is perfect for home events, theatrical lighting, art galleries, museums, exhibitions, wedding engagements and showrooms.

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