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Nanlite 600-CSA Bi-colour LED Panel with V-Mount VIDEO LIGHT

Nanlite 600-CSA Bi-colour LED Panel with V-Mount VIDEO LIGHT

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This Nanlite 600CSA LED continuous light WITH VARIABLE COLOUR TEMPERATURE is great value and built strong to take a few knocks. With four barn doors for protection of the panel and control of spill, this 600 panel will adjust from 3200 Kelvin to 5600 Kelvin. Useable in both the studio or on location, this unit produces over 3300 Lumens of variable colour output, daylight to tungsten balanced light. The Nanlite 600CSA can be powered by mains power (110-240V) or utilise the V-Mount battery buckle built into the rear of the panel for location shooting. The included modifiers (standard diffuser, super soft diffuser) are used to adjust output to suit many standard lighting situations.
At just 1.9kg, this light is a great panel for mobile T.V. camera operators as well as event videographers or corporate video shooters. The mounting bracket features large, easily adjusted fasteners and is angled slightly forward of centre to offset the weight of a V-Lock battery if used. Seamlessly adjust the light from 0-100% and never worry about flickering thanks to Nanlite's high quality diodes and boards. 

Stand NOT Included,  Lighting Stands are $79ea 

Light output is equivalent to a 600W Tungsten 

At 1m: 4,720 lux
At 2m: 1,360 lux 
At 3m: 576 lux

Power consumption: 36W

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