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Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 MK2 Premium 6-Channel Audio Interface

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 MK2 Premium 6-Channel Audio Interface

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Connect, create, and collaborate with Native Instruments six-in, six-out audio interface. Featuring high-definition recording, ultra-low latency, and flexible connectivity, AUDIO 6 brings your whole setup together. You can plug in mics, guitars, and synths, create send and return loops with effects, and control synths and drum machines. Plus, you get all the software you need to capture performances, build songs, and polish recordings – bring any idea to life. Whether recording your next album or gigging your latest release, your focus should be on creating at your best. With pro-grade sound, gig-ready portability, and plug-and-play simplicity, AUDIO 6 lets you do just that.

AUDIO 6 works with all your mics, instruments, and headphones. You’ve got a choice of connections and features: 48V phantom power, MIDI in/out, and four analog outputs with additional CV/gate control for your analog gear. Plus, easy-to-see top panel LED VU-meters for all four analog inputs and the main stereo output. Whether you’re a solo performer, duo, or a full band, the AUDIO 6’s pristine audio quality lets you sound as good on stage as in the studio. Turn your laptop into a live rig or vocal processor, with flexible connections to fit any performance. USB bus-power means fewer cables and power supplies, plus a big volume knob on top lets you make easy level adjustments while on stage.

Two high-power headphone outputs, with individual level controls, make it easy to collaborate. Hear exactly what you’re recording, in real-time, with latency-free direct monitoring that lets you blend playback and monitored audio to your liking. We’ve also doubled their output power – great for stage use or high-impedance headphones. Whether at a small band session or a freewheeling modular synth jam, having a flexible set of connections lets you bring your ideas together and capture music in the moment. XLR, TRS, S/PDIF, and MIDI aren’t just letters, they’re ways to make music happen – and we’ve put these connections right where you need them.

Great tracks start with high-quality audio, but you also need the tools to shape your sounds. That’s why Native Instruments have included an outstanding package of hand-picked software to help you capture ideas, add creative magic, and finish off projects. The package includes Monark (Synth), Mod Pack modulation fx, Replika delay, Solid Bus Comp, Maschine Essentials, Ableton Live 10 Lite, Traktor LE 3, Komplete Start, 2 months free access to and voucher to spend at the NI online store.

  • Record audio in immaculate quality, up to 192 kHz / 24-bit
  • Connect your whole setup
  • 4 analog in/out, 2 digital in/out, 2 headphone out, and MIDI in/out
  • Get creating with all the software you need to record and build tracks, plus synths, effects, and more
  • 2x combo-XLR/¼” TRS line inputs with 48V phantom power, and gain control
  • 2x ¼” TRS line inputs, 1x SPDIF digital stereo input (RCA) 1x MIDI in
  • 4x DC coupled ¼” TRS outputs for modular control (Limited to +/-2V due t AUDIO 6 being USB powered)
  • 1x SPDIF digital stereo output (RCA), 1x MIDI out
  • 4x LED input VU meter
  • 1x LED output VU meter
  • 48V, USB, and MIDI status LEDs
  • Direct monitoring with mono/stereo switch
  • Channel switching (1-2/3-4) for blending audio playback while recording
  • Big volume knob for quick volume adjustments
  • 2x headphone out with high-power output and individual volume controls
  • USB 2.0 bus-power, no additional power supply needed
  • Compatible with Mac and PC (ASIO®/Core Audio/DirectSound®/WASAPI)
  • Kensington Security Slot
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