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Pioneer DJMS11 Professional Scratch-Style 2-Channel DJ Mixer for Serato DJ Pro

Pioneer DJMS11 Professional Scratch-Style 2-Channel DJ Mixer for Serato DJ Pro

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Product Description

Turn it up to 11: Meet the DJM-S11 professional scratch style 2-channel DJ mixer. Reach the next level with innovative features, never seen before.

Raise your game with the DJM-S11. This new professional 2-channel, 4-deck battle mixer brings enhancements to various elements from its predecessor, the DJM-S9, and offers a host of brand-new features to help you perform more freely with Serato DJ Pro or rekordbox.

When you’re scratching and making mash-ups on the fly, every second is priceless. Spend more time focusing on your mix when you play on the DJM-S11 thanks to the mixer’s 4.3-inch customisable touch screen, which has all the information you need. Browse tracks, check on playback positions and waveforms, and dynamically change the texture of the music by moving your finger across the Touch FX screen. With Touch MIDI, you can even trigger functions in your DJ software. All this means you can stay focused and keep your eyes on the mixer during your performance.

Packing more sounds into your sets can make the difference between a good crowd reaction and a great one. In a battle, it could even push you up the podium from second to first place. You can play up to four tracks at once on the DJM-S11 thanks to Deck 3/4 Control. The additional decks appear on the touch screen with a selection of controls so you can browse and load tracks, adjust EQs, set loops, trigger Hot Cues, and more. If you’re using Serato DJ Pro, with Deck Move you can move tracks from deck 1 to 4 and deck 2 to 3 without a break in the music – enabling you to free up the main decks and prepare to drop in your next track. And you can switch on Dual Deck control to use one fader, knob, or control vinyl to manipulate the tracks loaded to decks 1 and 3 or 2 and 4. This means you can scratch two tracks at once, add effects, or adjust their volume simultaneously.

As well as a different look, you’ll also notice enhancements in the way the DJM-S11 feels compared to its predecessor. Its Performance Pads are larger and the MAGVEL FADER PRO has been strengthened to give you more stability when you’re scratching. Spotted some new controls? There’s a host of fresh features (which you can read more about below) including Smooth Echo, a new effect that you can automatically engage when you move the faders or hit the pads you’ve assigned as triggers. Sound quality has been improved too, with clear, powerful audio that reflects every nuance of your performance.

As a DJ, you’re unique – and so is your setup. The DJM-S11 has been specially designed so you can effortlessly play the way you like. Its built-in USB hub enables you to directly connect with CDJs and the DDJ-XP2. It’s also compatible with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox straight out of the box, with no need for license keys, so simply plug in and play. Want to use another DJ application? Every fader, knob, and button is fully MIDI mappable.

  • 4.3-inch touch screen with high frame rate: Reference tracks and settings, and trigger FX
  • Industry-first Smooth Echo: Trigger the echo automatically with a fader/pad you choose
  • World’s first Deck 3/4 Control: Play up to four tracks and easily create live mash-ups
  • Enhanced design, larger pads, and low latency: Perform more intuitively than ever
  • New Magvel Fader Pro has been strengthened for more stable scratching
  • Built-in USB hub - directly connect with CDJs and the DDJ-XP2
  • Compatible with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox straight out of the box, with no need for license keys
  • Scratch Bank: Rapidly access your sounds from Serato DJ Pro
  • High-quality audio: Rock the crowd with crystal-clear sound
  • 22 built-in effects including new Beat FX: Add texture to your tracks
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