Radial JDX Reactor Guitar Amp Direct Box - JDX 48 Phantom

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RADIAL JDX Reactor Guitar Amp Direct Injection (DI) Direct Box
Perfect for performing guitarists that want a consistant sound in their monitor mix, night after night, no matter the venue or sound technician.
Eliminates the need for a Microphonedxv
It is common practice for guitarists to place a microphone in front of their amp to send the amplified sound to the PA or recording system. The problem is that when the mic is very close to the speaker cone, a slight change in position will significantly alter the sound. This makes getting consistent results difficult. This is further exacerbated by the room acoustics which vary considerably from stage to stage and bleed from other instruments entering the mic making it more difficult to mix.
Class-A Radial Engineering Technology
Unlike other guitar amp interfaces that only capture the sound from the amp head, the Radial JDX is a unique direct box that reacts to both the guitar amp head AND the speaker’s back electromagnetic field to produce a more dynamic and realistic sound. A transformer coupled input provides a reactive bridge while also isolating the guitar amp from the PA system to eliminate the buzz and hum caused by ground loops. This is followed by a multistage filter that simulates a typical 12” speaker. The JDX features 100% discreet components using Radial’s unique class-A circuit topology for smooth even order harmonics, exceptional headroom and low noise.
The JDX Reactor is easy to set up, delivers great sound and is consistent
By eliminating the need for a mic, the Radial JDX provides consistency with repeatable results night after night and reduces stage clutter. With today’s ever increasing use of in-ear monitors, great sound has never been so easy to achieve!
  • Captures the sound of the head and the cabinet
  • Delivers consistent tone show after show
  • Works equally well on electric guitar and bass
  • Great for recording direct without a mic
  • Reactive circuit captures the amp-speaker interaction
  • 100% discrete Class-A electronics for pure tone
  • Transformer isolation eliminates ground loop hum
  • Active analog speaker emulation for natural amp sound
  • Eliminates the variables of an on-stage mic.
  • Captures the amplifiers sound direct to the console
  • Mix the JDX and mic signals together to create fat tones
  • Fast and easy way to get great sound from an amp
  • Repeatable and consistent results without mic bleed
  • 3 year transferable warranty