Redback 30W 100V Weather Resistant Wall Speakers (Each)

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Redback® sound monitors are constructed from super tough UV stabilised 'Luran-S' thermoplastic. They feature a two way, bass reflex speaker system with a 100mm bass/midrange driver and apolymide dome tweeter with a custom designed crossover network. They produce a punchy, powerful sound making them the perfect choice for BGM/paging applications. Included is the revolutionary Wacki bracket mounting system, allowing a wide variation in mounting angles. Supplied with multi-core cable connected to the various power taps of the transformer. Simply connect between common and the required power tap. For low impedance use, these monitors are also available in 8 ohm versions if required.


• Home stereo extension speakers for pool, patio etc.

• Taverns, hotels, shopping centres, schools, halls, fairgrounds.

• Any external music and paging application.

Mounting Options

Each model includes the unique Wacki® bracket. This makes installation a breeze with 50° adjustability via the ball-joint design. Locking screw collar ensures the speaker will never droop over time. For corner mounting an angle option may be employed offering an additional 35° of adjustment.

About Redback® Speaker Drivers

Each custom designed speaker and transformer combination has been specifically engineered to ensure a wide frequency range and dispersion angle, plus a high sound pressure level (SPL) ensuring excellent music and speech intelligibility. Redback® drivers exhibit optimum frequency response and efficiency for BGM and paging applications. The transformers are wound on professional grade grain oriented steel cores for high efficiency and extended frequency response. Each transformer is fitted with multiple power tappings which are selected via multicore cable.