Redback 6.5" 50W Active Wall Speakers (Pair)

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These high power music speakers feature exceptional sound qualityfor professional sound reinforcement. Great for classrooms, lecturetheatres, boardrooms, cafes, function areas, pubs, boutiques etc. The ported bass reflex enclosure produces outstanding sound reproduction. This system can be employed anywhere quality foreground or background audio is required.
System comprises of one active speaker with inbuilt stereo amplifier and one passive speaker which is powered from the active speaker. The bass drivers they feature a stylish contoured profile and quick mounting bracket which virtually disappears once mounted. An in-built amplifier allows easy integration into existing systems with only line level signal required for operation. Rear mounted volume, bass and treble controls. RCAs provide easy connection to existing audio sources.
Each custom designed speaker has been specifically engineered toensure a wide frequency range and dispersion angle, plus a highsound pressure level (SPL) ensuring excellent music and speech intelligibility. Redback® drivers exhibit optimum frequency response and efficiency for BGM and paging applications.