Redback 8 Channel Rack Mount Mixer A4420B

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Developed after extensive consultation with Australian pro sound contractors, this 8 channel mixer incorporates a variety of practical features ensuring suitability for a wide scope of PA and sound reinforcement applications. Features include: selectable phantom power for electret/condenser type microphones on each input, optional vox muting of line programs, bass and treble controls (microphone channels can be routed through tone controls or bypassed as desired), individual level controls for each channel input together with master level control. A 600 Ohm/0dBm XLR balanced line output is provided enabling bridged output connection to up to 16 power amplifiers, including the Redback Phase 4 range.


  • 6 microphone and 2 line inputs
  • All mic inputs are 3 pin XLR balanced
  • Line inputs via twin RCA sockets
  • Separate bass and treble tone controls
  • Individual input and master volume controls
  • Optional VOX muting of line inputs
  • Optional phantom power for each mic input
  • Microphone bass cut internally selectable
  • Mic inputs routed via tone controls or bypassed
  • 24VDC input