Reloop RMX-10BT Compact Bluetooth 2-Channel DJ Mixer

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Reloop RMX-10BT

The Reloop RMX-10BT gives you a compact, 2-channel DJ Mixer. Offering wireless music streaming directly to your mixer via the integrated BlueTooth connectivity. Allowing you to use your smartphone or tablet as a playback source, sending the signal through to the mixer on either one of the 2 RMX-10BT channels. Furthermore, the RMX-10BT features a 45mm, user-replaceable crossfader. As well as two smooth-running line faders that make mixing even more comfortable. While you easily monitor the output volume via the LED level chains.

Both channels on the RMX-10BT include individual gain control and a 3-band EQ. So you can raise or lower the frequencies at 100Hz, 1kHz, and 10kHz. Furthermore, the RMX-10BT boasts a 6.3mm microphone input with a separate volume adjustment. As well as a 6.3mm headphone output with volume adjustment and cue-mix functionality.

Encased in a compact and robust, all-metal construction; the Reloop RMX-10BT is not only space-saving but sturdy as well. Making it the perfect choice for any DJ looking for a convenient, Bluetooth capable mixer.